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Linking GA4 to Google Search Console

GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is the new Google Analytics, and while we still think it isn’t as good as Universal Analytics (the old Google Analytics), you can still link it to Google Search Console! When linking your GA4 to Google Search Console, there are a few things...

How To Install Google Tag Manager on Your Site

Installing Google Tag Manager on your site is simple, and there are sometimes a couple of ways to install it, so we’ll cover the two most common ways we have seen with our clients at On Top Digital Marketing. First, for the sake of ease, a few housekeeping items:...

How To Recover Access to Your Facebook Page

How To Recover Access to Your Facebook Page

Getting locked out of your Facebook Page is terrifying, and if you’re reading this, you have somehow lost access to your Facebook Page. We're here to help show you how to gain access to your Facebook Page. We promise to keep this as simple as possible for as many...

How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Facebook’s Business Manager platform is key to managing your business on Facebook. Every business with a presence on Facebook, or businesses that want to grow a presence on Facebook should use Business Manager What Is Business...


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